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Taking a witch home from the library

Close to a dozen youth got into the spirit of Halloween during an after-school craft session at the May Hakongak Community Library in Cambridge Bay on Oct. 23.

Cambridge Bay children display their Halloween crafts at the May Hakongak Community Library. They'll be working on Remembrance Day cards next.
photo courtesy of Peter Evetalegak

The youths made some spooky witches out of paper, said assistant librarian Peter Evetalegak. Some of the youngsters took their handiwork home while others allowed their frighteningly decorative art to be displayed at the library.

Up next will be Remembrance Day cards to commemorate the courage of Canada's military veterans, which is marked every Nov. 11.

Library staff strive to keep things interesting for the junior visitors, according to Evetalegak.

“We usually do (activities) every odd day, try to keep them company,” he said. “One day we'll do craft day, the next day we'll do storytelling or watch a movie with a kids.”