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Taloyoak celebrates its new teachers

Taloyoak has five fresh teaching graduates.

Yolande Aupalu, Corrine Boisvert, Kristen Eetoolook, Lenny Panigayak and Casie Totalik-Holwell earned their four-year Bachelor of Education Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP) degrees earlier this month. The program was offered in partnership with the University of Regina.

Nunavut Teacher Education Program graduates, from left, Corrine Boisvert, Yolande Aupalu, Kristen Eetoolook, Lenny Panigayak and Casie Totalik-Holwell are thrilled with their achievement. photos courtesy of Nunavut Arctic College 

Sarah Takolik lights the qulliq during the ceremony recognizing Taloyoak's five new teachers on June 5. 

David Nanook performs a drum dance with his instrument crafted from caribou hide.

Language coach Sarah Takolik, left, receives a certificate for promoting Inuktitut for close to 35 years. Miriam Aglukkaq, right, a fellow educator and language activist, presents the award on June 5. 


Rhoda Nanook reads the opening prayer in Inuktitut at the Nunavut Arctic College graduation ceremony in Taloyoak earlier this month. 


The NTEP students held fundraisers for their graduation during the past year and the leftover money was donated to Tamara Totalik for her Nunavut Youth Abroad trip. Here, grad Lenny Panigayak greets Totalik as she takes the stage.