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Tanya Tagaq documentary on the way

Cambridge Bay musical artist and activist Tanya Tagaq will be featured in a National Film Board documentary titled Throat, due for release in winter 2019.

The film will explore Tagaq's creative talent and political stances while delivering "a 360-degree sound mix that will whirl around the audience like an immersive cyclone," according to the National Film Board.

Tanya Tagaq's live performances will be highlighted and her political causes explored in a documentary called Throat. photo courtesy of Live at Massey Hall

Tagaq's upcoming Nov. 1 concert at Toronto's Trinity-St. Paul's United Church will serve as the foundation of the documentary. She is listed as a co-creator on the project, along with Chelsea McMullan, a Toronto-based filmmaker.

Tagaq creates modern, original music with a traditional Inuit throat-singing influence. Her 2014 album Animism earned a Polaris Prize, one of Canada's most prestigious musical awards.

She's used her fame to help her publicly defend the Inuit seal hunt in the face of attacks by PETA and she also advocates for women's rights.