No staff turnover expected, general manager says ‘business as usual’

As of Oct. 9 the board of directors at the Taqqut Co-op in Arctic Bay announced they have formally purchased the Tangmaarvik Inn as well as the Tangmaarvik Bed and Breakfast with both properties to be operated as the Taqqut Inns North hotel.

The Tangmaarvik Inn and Bed and Breakfast was purchased by Taqqut Co-op in co-operation with the Inns North program run by Arctic Co-operative. photo courtesy of Taqqut Co-op

There will be a total of 10 rooms in the main hotel building with another six beds at the bed and breakfast facility.

The Co-op stated their intentions to retain all previous staff in a previous release announcing the purchase on Oct. 8, also adding, “The Taqqut Inns North hotel provides another viable business unit that will make a positive contribution to the ongoing operations of Taqqut Co-op.”

This was made possible by the Inns North program run by Arctic Co-operative, a co-operative federation that includes Taqqut along with 31 other autonomous co-ops throughout Nunavut and the NWT. The program aims to have hotels and inns in local communities whether by constructing new hotels or purchasing local businesses such as the Tangmaarvik Inn/Bed and Breakfast.

Management at the Taqqut Co-op also said there will be no period in which service and booking rooms will experience any interruptions during this transition period.

Brian Madore, the general manager of the Taqqut Co-op says the inn is “continuing to operate, business as usual.”

The previous owners of the inn were “locals who owned it for 15 years” Madore said. With it being a local co-op, the purchase of the inn means it will remain locally-owned for a long time to come.

“The membership is really pleased that it’s all locally owned by our membership,” added Madore.

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