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TEA TALK: Quana for lighting up Cambridge Bay

Welcome to the bright Christmas-lit community of Cambridge Bay. Yes, for the first time ever the municipality of Cambridge Bay has Christmas lights down Main Street.

Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo
Emily Angulalik and Inuinnaqtut Language Instructor at Nunavut Arctic College in Cambridge Bay on Dec. 5. Culture, tradition and language all go together when teaching about Inuit languages.

When walking or driving downtown, especially in the dark the lights are all lit up and it looks quite festive now. Quana to Qulliq employees for taking time to put up lights in this cold weather. Quana Steph. I hear children and Elders and everyone else in town are so excited to see the beautiful lights, now we know Christmas will soon be here.

Weather has been mild and at time cold also, the sun has gone down now 'til January 2019. Since Cambridge Bay is growing so fast, the street lights all over town are quite bright so when you go for a drive and look towards the community, it is all bright and lights look great. Makes a nice photograph.

Christmas concert in Cambridge Bay December 12 at Kullik Ilihakvik where our beautiful children attending elementary school kindergarten to Grade 6 will be all dressed up and singing and dancing. The gymnasium is packed full for this annual event, which we all look forward to each year. Christmas is for families and especially for children.

There are a lot of activities planned for this holiday season. Lots of games, feasts, Santa Claus parade, and much more. The Christmas games committee is all set to begin volunteering, so make sure to get a copy of the pamphlet/booklet schedule of the entire holiday season for Cambridge Bay.

Be safe. Enjoy holidays everyone. Have you been good or bad? Merry Christmas.

Special hello to Alexander in Pond Inlet!

God Be With You Son.