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Teghan Angulalik is certain hairstyling will be her profession

Teghan Angulalik can see herself enrolled in the hairstyling program at Marvel College in Edmonton.

Cambridge Bay's Teghan Angulalik applies colour to a mannequin's hair, one of her tasks at Skills Canada nationals in Halifax.
NNSL photo

The Cambridge Bay student, who's on the verge of graduating, displayed the hairstyling skills she has already acquired at Skills Canada nationals in Halifax on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's her second time attending the national event, having competed in Edmonton last year.

"I'm happy to be here and challenge myself and see how I do compared to others," she said.

Her enchantment with hairstyling blossomed in 2016 when she got her own long locks chopped short by a professional in Edmonton.

She cuts men's hair in her community but she needs more experience to feel comfortable providing that service to women, she said.

At nationals, the competitors were asked to include wishes, which are additional decorative touches, such as a low bun or an ornament, Angulalik said. That was an unusual twist compared to territorials, she noted.

Her last task on Wednesday was to replicate a haircut from a picture without using clippers.