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The Kitikmeot Trade Show won’t take place until February, but Tom Cochrane has already been confirmed as the major entertainer for the event.

“With a lot of these performers, you have to (book well in advance),” said assistant senior administrative officer Jim MacEachern, who added that 54-40, last year’s headline act, was arranged a year in advance.

Cochrane is known for hit songs like Life is a Highway, No Regrets and Boy Inside the Man, as well as songs with former band Red Rider such as White Hot, Big League and Lunatic Fringe. He will put on two performances, one for trade show delegates and one for residents, MacEachern said.

“We’re pretty fortunate because normally we wouldn’t be able to afford Tom Cochrane, Blue Rodeo or 54-40, but we utilized the success of the trade show to bring them in for the community, the region,” he said.

The next Kitikmeot Trade Show marks the event’s 20th year.

“It’s a pretty big milestone,” said MacEachern.

Changes in administration

Gjoa Haven

Gjoa Haven has a new senior administrative officer (SAO) in Ed Devereaux. He moves up from finance director to take over from David Stockley, who has accepted the SAO role in Pond Inlet.

Devereaux was formerly an SAO in Cape Dorset and had acted in the role temporarily in Gjoa Haven, as needed.

The hamlet has already conducted interviews for a new finance director, Mayor Joanni Sallerina said.

In addition, economic development officer Bob Cheetham recently left the community. Sallerina said a potential candidate has also been identified for that position.

“Like they say, when it rains, it pours,” the mayor said of staff turnover.

Arena may open as early as Monday


If everything goes smoothly, the Kugluktuk arena will open on Monday, Nov. 19, according to Matt Craddock, the hamlet’s recreation manager.

Rec staff were flooding the rink last week.

“Everybody’s excited,” said Craddock, who noted that the community has a minor hockey program and three senior men’s teams that will be eager to skate.

There will also be skating sessions open to the general public for anyone who wants to casually glide around the rink.

Once the arena programming is up and running, the next major events will be the annual Christmas gala, telethon and fundraising bingo, Craddock noted.


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