Brent Puqiqnak is entering the final several months of his two-year term position as a youth research apprentice with Ottawa-based Carleton University.

Jordan Takkiruq, left, and Brent Puqiqnak work at the Gjoa Haven Hunters and Trappers Association. They issue inReach GPS devices and monitor the related data to ensure hunters are safe. photo courtesy of Brent Puqiqnak

Visitors to the Gjoa Haven Hunters and Trappers Association are likely to see Puqiqnak, a Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik graduate, on weekday afternoons. He issues inReach devices – which use satellites for GPS and can send SOS signals if hunters or fishers encounter trouble on the land – and he monitors the related data.

“I can communicate with them and I can see where they are on the website,” said Puqiqnak, adding that the communication between him and the harvesters is done by texting.

There are nine inReach devices available for loan at no cost to hunters or fishers. When they return the units, all the harvesters are asked to do is complete a survey, Puqiqnak said.

With all the data points and figures that Puqiqnak is responsible to enter into a computer, he said he has decided that he’s going to pursue accounting as a career.

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