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Twelve pounds of cigarette butts removed in Resolute

How many cigarette butts does it take to equal twelve pounds?

A whole lot!

Isaiah Brown and Jerome Idlout pick up garbage around Resolute on Aug. 9. Two garbage-truck loads were taken to the dump along with 12 lbs. of cigarette butts.
photo courtesy of Kimberley Young

That's what volunteers in Resolute removed from around the community on Aug. 9, along with other garbage during a community cleanup.

More than two garbage-truck loads were carted off by the end of the day's activities, which ran from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., according to senior administrative officer Kimberley Young.

“The community is noticeably cleaner,” Young stated of the difference made by 25 helpful residents.

Community health representative Mavis Manik coordinated the 'Butt Picking Challenge.'

There were draws for prizes and a free meal. The Hamlet of Resolute, the Tudjuaat Co-op and Nunavut Parks sponsored the giveaways.