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Two families win a Christmas dinner

This year to share the holiday cheer, Jennifer Ringrose decided to offer a fully paid Christmas dinner to a family in the Pond Inlet.

On facebook, Ringrose wrote, "We'll happily take care of purchasing the food they need to make their Christmas dinner a delicious and filling one, including a turkey."

She encouraged people to nominate a person/family who could use a "little" help with their holiday groceries.

Members of this family will celebrate Christmas with a dinner provided by Jennifer Ringrose.
The adults from left to right are Lisa Apak, Geneva Tassuga, Daniel Inutiq, Jayko Apak and Joe Palituq. The children from right to left are: Debbie Apak, Nymon Apak and Andrea Apak. photo by Jennifer Ringrose

The post received over 160 comments with plenty of nominations.

Using a random number generator on Google, the recipient of the prize was drawn. Lisa Apak, who was nominated by Rebs Qulitalik-Killiktee, was declared the winner.

"I'm so happy," said Apak. "I did not expect that (dinner) for Christmas." Apak felt very grateful for the dinner.

Jeff W. Higdon, who often visits the community, really liked Ringrose's idea. He too decided to spread the holiday spirit by drawing another recipient. Asenath Nasook, who was nominated by Sarah Enooagak, was the second winner.

Panoley Enooagak and Asenath Nasook holding Rhiana her granddaughter. photo courtesy by Jennifer Ringrose.

"Anything that can be done to help address food security is great, no matter how small," stated the Winnipeg resident.

Both families will be getting a Christmas dinner along with a Co-op gift card for perishable items. Several community members have also donated anonymously to help pay for the dinners.