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Two rabid foxes detected in Iglulik

Two foxes caught in Iglulik have tested positive for rabies, the Department of Health says. 

Two foxes have tested positive for rabies in Iglulik.
Pixabay photo

Rabies is commonly found in foxes and wolves in Nunavut, and can be spread to dogs when they are bitten by a rabid fox or wolf, according to the department. The disease can be passed onto people when an infected animal bites, scratches or licks them.

Those with cuts on their skin can also contract rabies when handling/skinning infected animals.

Anyone who has been bitten or scratched is urged to go to the health centre and report the incident immediately. Quick treatment is essential.

Members of the public who spot an animal behaving strangely, staggering, frothing at the mouth, choking or making strange noises, avoid the animal and report it to bylaw, the Department of Health advises.

A fox that is sick may appear friendly. Children should not play with foxes or other wildlife. Keep domestic animals tied up when they are outside, and monitor their behavior. Rabies vaccinations for domestic animals are available in the community.

To report a fox or wolf wandering around the community, or if a dog had contact with a fox or wolf, call the wildlife manager at 867-934-6326, the regional environmental health officer at 867 473 2676 or the after-hours environmental health on call line at 867-975-5772.

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