It’s been a summer full of surprises in regards to wildlife in Kugluktuk.

On July 25, Robert Joss was heading by boat to fish on the north side of Cape Kendall, which is approximately 16 km north of the community. The waters were calm and ice was moving in from the north.

Joss spotted something off in the distance and decided to turn right to see what it could be. Lo and behold a lone young moose was swimming east, going right towards the broken ice that was coming in.

With his quick thinking, Joss diverted the moose back towards Cape Kendall.

“It would not have had a chance in that ice,” he said.

While continuing on, he kept an eye on the moose swimming back. Two other boats came across the moose as well and made sure it returned safely to land before continuing on their journey.

According to other campers, both a grizzly bear and a moose were spotted on the north side of Cape Kendall the night before.

Joss figured the moose could be trying to escape the grizzly.

-video courtesy of Robert Joss

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