A 10-minute drive across the island took several young men from Iglulik to a fishing camp Aug. 5-10.

At that location, known as Sigjariktuq, the boys were shown how to cast nets and prepare the char they caught, as well as an unexpected seal. The Department of Culture and Heritage sponsored the program.

Leo Ijjangiaq and Jonathan Qulitalik climb out of a boat after spending some time on the water near Iglulik. Vera Arnatsiaq photos
A net set to catch char at the Sigjariktuq fishing camp turned up a surprise: this seal. Jonathan Qulitalik prepares to do the skinning.
Preparing and enjoying country food are, from left, Qumangapik Arnatsiaq, Kigutigajuk Ulayuk, Sam Taqqaugaq, Terry Tulugarjuk, Marcus Evaluarjuk and Roger Taqqaogaq.
A sweet way to end a long day is to toast marshmallows over a campfire. From left, Kigutigajuk Ulayuk, Sam Taqqaugaq, Sakkuatironiq Irqittuq, Roger Taqqaogaq, Vera Arnatsiaq and Leo Ijjangiaq.

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