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Whooping cough still present in Sanikiluaq

There is still an outbreak of whooping cough (pertussis) in Sanikiluaq, the Department of Health advised on Friday.

The whooping cough outbreak in Sanikiluaq still continues since early June.
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On June 8, there were fewer than five cases of whooping cough in the community of nearly 900 people. Nunavut News has inquired with the Department of Health as to how many cases exist currently and is awaiting a response.

A disease of the throat and lungs, whooping cough can very easily spread from person to person.

Anyone is vulnerable to whooping cough, but the most severe cases are found in children under the age of one.

Call your health centre if anyone in your household exhibits the following symptoms:

• a cough that lasts more than a week

• a cough followed by an unusual sound

• trouble breathing

• vomiting after coughing

• coughing that is worse at night

• a high fever (39°C and above) that remains more than three days

The Department of Health is advising anyone who is mildly ill to stay home and avoid contact with others until symptoms no longer persist. These actions will prevent the spread of the illness.

All individuals are also advised to continue taking precautions by handwashing frequently, coughing into one's sleeve or tissue and avoid sharing food, drinks, utensils or toothbrushes.

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