Several hunters were off in search of muskoxen early last week in hopes of selling the meat to the Kugluktuk Hunters and Trappers Organization (HTO). The HTO then divides the meat among community members in need through the Country Foods Distribution program.

“It’s such an awesome program,” said HTO manager Amanda Dumond. “I’ve had people bring in fish and ptarmigan. It provides country food to people who can’t get it otherwise for various reasons.”

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation has furnished Kugluktuk with close to $30,000 to purchase and distribute the country food by March 31.

“People are very relieved to have some (wild meat) because the caribou’s quite far, so people are very happy to have muskox,” said Dumond.

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  1. $30 grand. So how much is that per pound of meat? Minus the $ that they get for the hide, teeth, bones etc that are sold for art supplies and clothing materials.

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