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Winter returns to Cambridge Bay

Welcome to beautiful, wintery white snowy Cambridge Bay. Winter has returned, the beautiful white snow on the land is the most beautiful sight this time of year. A lot of the lakes, the rivers, the ocean, are starting to freeze.

Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo
The Municipality of Cambridge Bay thanked employees who do their best to keep our community operating at a long-term service awards ceremony September 20. From left, assistant SAO Jim MacEachern, Richard Webster, Mayor Pamela Gross, Janet Stafford, Jason Apsimik, Wayne Weese, Danny Hanak, Kendall Aknavigak, Roy Goose Sr., Dave Taylor, SAO Marla Limousin. Missing recipients were David Avakana, Cecelia Hogaluk and John Evaglok.

Soon, the fishers will begin to set their nets for orange-bellied char and residents continue to go hunting by land on ATVs. Boating season is pretty well done for another year.
The icebreakers and the barges have been busy coming in and out of Cambridge Bay to resupply the community, so the stores and residents of Cambridge Bay get to enjoy new vehicles, more stuff in the stores. It's like Christmas in the summer.
This time of year, it's nice to go out caribou hunting. Lots of sun lately after we had a lousy summer. Lots of luck and be safe out there.
School has started, both Kullik and Kiilinik had lots of smiling faces at the schools. Have a great year at school. We are proud of you.
Also welcome all the Arctic College students, including those from outside the community. Good luck in your studies and enjoy Cambridge Bay.
Cambridge Bay had a very busy summer with construction and lots of visitors. We had lots of birdwatchers, scientists from different countries around the world, and we also had a very special guest come to Cambridge Bay, Premier Joe Savikataaq, and our MLA Jeannie Ehaloak accompanying and showing off our beautiful community. We hope you all enjoyed your visit.
Although we did not get any cruise ships this year because of ice conditions, we look forward to next year. Hopefully we can have more visitors.
The Kitikmeot mayors' conference was held this past week in Cambridge Bay, and there were several issues raised, including concerns about overcrowding of houses and the cost of flying, the need for more hotel space or boarding home space for Kitikmeot residents in Yellowknife, the need for country food to be distributed or flown to communities at a reasonable cost, the need for updated computer systems. They expressed their appreciation of visits by department heads.
We appreciate our mayors and councillors who look after the communities and the people. We wish you all well and appreciate all the work and efforts you do for the communities and improving life for the people and children.
God be with you son.