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Youth voices being heard in Cambridge Bay

Future leaders are in the making in Cambridge Bay with the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council expressing concerns young people in the community share.
The council began two years ago, helping the hamlet hear the often under-represented demographic.

Twice per month the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council meet to discuss progress on initiatives benefiting youth in Cambridge Bay. From the left are Corbin Kavanna, Malachai Angulalik, Deanna Taylor, Annica Otokiak and Aggiu Dimitruk.
photo courtesy of Dave Taylor

The creation of youth councils are generally organized by the local office of an elected representative, they provide a non-partisan forum for local youth under the age of 18 and to bring forth.

Deanna Taylor, a recent graduate and youth council member said, "I am so happy to be a part of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, knowing I can share ideas and be a part of something to make good changes makes me feel so proud."

Positions in the council are advertised in school and when the group first met, they delegated who will be in what position.
"My position is chairperson and I also am in the performing arts pillar," said Taylor.

"We attend meetings twice a month. My goal is to keep up with the work we are doing now and come up with ideas to benefit and help our youth and make our ideas become a reality.

"I want the youth to stay positive, keep busy and stay safe, act with kindness and do things to benefit your people and community. We are the new generation and soon our home will depend on us to make changes. I have thought about politics but I want to be a teacher, don't know what the future holds for my carer as of yet, we'll see," said Taylor.

"There will be a lot of changes happening, our voice is being heard and it feels great," said Corbin Kavana who holds the position of cultural pillar said.
"I want the youth to embrace themselves and be active and help each other. Kindness is the key to everything.

Mayor Pam Gross is pleased from the various civilian councils getting active in her community.

"We are pleased to have an active Youth Advisory Council and Mayor's Elders Advisory Council," she said.
"Both groups give great feedback and representation for our community needs.

"We call on both councils as advisors to share input and knowledge from their peer groups. We are fortunate to have such active members in our community who are eager to contribute."

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