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In my view: Complacency fed by frustration

Complacency is developed and is fed by frustration and not being heard.

Complacency is developed and is fed by frustration and not being heard.

There are dozens and dozens of examples to verify this statement. Little children are trying to tell their caregivers(parents) that they need them close by and not to go to the bingo, establishment, poker game and the list hits the ceiling! If you think this is a bold assumption, think again; our children are our future and how are we preparing them? The caption that has been etched across my heart is evident today; what you live with you learn, what you learn you do, what you do you practice, what you practice has consequences.

On Sept. 11, 2021, one of my twin sons was fatally stabbed by the partner who lived in this way and we lost a son in the prime of his life. Now we are fighting for justice, and still waiting for a death certificate so that his estate can be settled for his fatherless children. This gives me all the more reason to not be complacent but to empower those who are frustrated and think there is no hope.

To empower an individual is to give them tangible solutions and to have them realize there is a way out of despair and to embrace faith in people and institutions. There are some highly trained people who unfortunately are holding back and not offering co-operative dialogue but choose to be reactive rather than proactive. There are two main reasons why I have not been hired in meaningful positions within the caregiving capacity – I do not hold validation in land-claimant group and might rock the boat too much in administrative matters. This, to me, is not right or fair; I am ready and willing to discuss this with whomever recognizes what I have just written.

Let’s continue with the train of thought; when we are not given the opportunity to voice the issues at heart, in effect, we are being told that someone else will look into the matter and may or may not inform all who are affected by the outcome of issues brought forward. This is where the frustration begins to build and everyone you try to make contact with passes you on to the next phone number or the next email address and by the time you are able to engage with the “right” individual you mess it up because of anger and the wrong words.

Let’s not have complacency overrule your concerns and matters that affect your rights and privileges.