Basic human rights include but is not limited to food, shelter and clothing. This is a challenge at the best of times and is present.

In our desire for being organized and prepared, there is a lot of talking and planning to reach the goals of self sufficiency. There have to be considerations that are all-inclusive and sustainable. Our leaders who have been given the responsibility for our well-being have to see the whole picture and not what is convenient, or ‘politically correct’.

The leaders are guided by policies and protocol but should make decisions on our behalf after they have weighed all pertinent information provided; demographic of population, geographic location, accessibility, infrastructure, capacity and sustainability. This requires close communication and following the IQ Principles.

We have to look at these principles closely for direction, awareness and implementation. Our counterparts in southern Canada including the Yukon are in deep negotiations with the federal government around child welfare and our national Inuit body is not involved. We have a national leader who is knowledgeable and eloquent and is fully aware of the needs of Inuit from Sanikiluak to Grise Fiord and in between but is not at the table. The comment of, “Our children are our future” should stir us enough to voice all issues regarding rights of Indigenous peoples across this country and to make every effort in making the powers that be aware and engaged.

I believe the way to really stir up our leaders is for the inter-agency to review local issues and bring them forward to our MLA. Our people are tired of lip service and want answers through tangible solutions; this is co-operation between those who can implement solutions and those who speak to the issues.

Do you remember a past president of the USA saying, ”Enough is enough?” Well I think that is where we are at today. Put words to action in addressing the basic human rights of us all Indigenous peoples.

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  1. Time to tell our MP not to vote with Justin/Jaghmeet if we want our rights protected. These two are killing our country.

    It is clear that Justine is part of the Davos elitist club, the ones scaremongering and pushing for this unproven gene therapy, which is starting to look exactly like a conspiracy theory being actually implemented.

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