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In My View: Make housing corp accountable

Twenty-one years ago Nunavut began its quest of self-governance and went through the motions of campaigning and finally electing those most noted for leadership. I believe the heart was in the right place but soon the motifs changed and many situations are the same as when we were a fully united territory.

I understand Iqaluit is in the final stages of the establishment of a cannabis outlet run by the government of Nunavut. It didn’t take long for this to be discussed and now the opening logistics fall into place and revenues will be generated.
This will be the same scenario as the liquor outlets where there is a set pricing to the products and nine times out of ten cheaper than buying food staples or paying the rent or clothing the children. There will probably be more openings of this sad picture right across Nunavut at the expense of peoples’ health and well-being.

The housing situation is no different. Twenty-one years ago, the situation of over-crowding and the lack of units in each of the communities across Nunavut have brought the family unit to its knees.

With the over-crowding, communicable diseases are high, abuse is rampant, hunger is common, children are having difficulty with learning basic concepts and the list goes on. Twenty-one years ago – and I would suggest even longer – studies were the order of the day and remain the same today. The wait list grows bigger and longer every day and our people are frustrated and hurting.

I’ve said it once or twice and I’ll say it again, Nunavut Housing Corporation must change status and become a department or join CGS for accountability and transparency. The bureaucracy will certainly be less and there will be a budget like all the other departments to work with.

I would further suggest that a reasonable housing target for each community would be more beneficial for those waiting for a unit.

The talking would have been a month or two, like the cannabis situation and action would come quicker. The pop singers Peter, Paul and Mary put it well when they sang, “When will they ever learn”?