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In my view: The circle of balance

Several issues back I referred to the circle of balance. This sense of balance is so quickly influenced by circumstance and situation.

As we go about our engagements and limited social events a trigger will go off and it seems we lose control. This is our human nature and we have to allow this to take place but we have to act on it quickly or we will lose complete control. Our mind and will is strong but we need to stay focused. This is where we adjust our emotional and spiritual domains to match the physical and mental surroundings.

There are times when we have to sit back and look at where we are and where we wish to be ... a time of reflection and to reconsider our attitude. Some of our experiences have given us deep scars and when a trigger goes off it reopens the wounds and the pain returns. Too often we just stay there and suffer when all we have to do is talk it out. There are gatherings where we can do this safely and it gives us a sense of relief to let it out.

I've noticed at times that social media has been an outlet, but that has its drawbacks and I do not recommend this venue. Some of the readers have no heart or no empathy and they make matters worse.
It is best to talk with a trusted friend or with a counsellor or organized group such as the Men's and Women's Society or Youth Group. Even with these support groups it is important to appreciate the confidentiality clause and keep what you heard private.

This circle of balance has to be touched on daily. Just when you feel that everything is okay, something comes up and this circle is tested. That is why we say, "We live and we learn". In my view, if we want to continue in a sense of balance, then we need to live the IQ Principles as these principles reminds us that other people are around us and we need to put self aside.

Self-care often guides us by making us realize that if we want to help others then we need to feel balanced. Life is tough but with our feet planted on a good foundation, we can move forward knowing that I am in control.
This circle of balance includes the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual domains and they have to work together for us to function in confidence.