Spring is in the air. The length of sunlight and temperatures rising boosts our hopes to new adventures.

My wife and I were privileged in accompanying her niece in a drive from Yellowknife to Edmonton and although it was a long ride, it was eye opening. We enjoyed beautiful scenery along with different wildlife including mule deer as well as cows and horses. I saw some old buildings from earlier years of occupancy and the small oil rigs pumping oil. And of course there was traffic, big rigs and more big rigs and regular pick-ups and cars.

We made several pit stops for refueling and picking up snacks. It certainly was a change of scenery physically as well as emotionally and mentally. We were tired physically but had some rest emotionally and mentally.

It is difficult for all of us to make a trip like this but we can still do this locally. There are many cabins and tent frames in our vicinity and now that the weather is warming we need to get out more.

There is something about being out on the land that is comforting, relaxing and rejuvenating. There are so many pressures on us that make us feel slumped over and tired. Once you go out, the short trip to the cabin is refreshing. A hot cup of tea and a chunk of bannock reminds you that there is no schedule or agenda or appointments other than puttering around.

Life is too short to be bogged down with negative aura and we need to find ways of being positive in helping us to relax in preparation for the up-coming week ahead of us.

In whatever way you can, see if you can get out of town for the week-end and enjoy the beauty of the land.

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