We have come to the place of full automation of services to the public. We are no longer spontaneous but ambiguous. What are we coming to?

Those who have taken office procedures recognize that when the phone rings we politely identify the office called and the party asks for whomever and we transfer the call. I think that is how business or connecting works … or am I missing something?

It is very frustrating when we know there are people in a work place but will not engage unless the supervisor directs them to assist a caller. This really shows the times we are living in. Covid-19 brought about absolute separation and disengagement to semi-separation on a regular basis and now the workplace is coming to a very micro type service setting.

Mankind was not created nor designed to be alone or separate but to be fully alive and engaged for our well-being.

I believe in the 30’s or 40’s, a study was done on two groups of infants. One group had the caregivers fully involved with them by regular feeding, changing of diapers, cuddling and speaking to them. These infants grew into healthy children and carried on in life. The other group was ignored and left in dirty diapers, barely fed and no cuddling or cooing with. They grew up in poor health and cried continuously. Our deep inner being longs for the feeling of belonging and attention.

Our IQ Principles clearly show that we make every effort in responding to anyone and everyone in good spirits and inclusiveness. We communicate to show we are connected and willing to engage. I believe as we open our community and more specifically our workplaces, that an intense series of cross-cultural workshops be offered to enlighten the new hires that they will be working with people who had to adapt to this new world of technology, procedures and timelines.

When I had the privilege of teaching ten students, they taught me as much as I coached them in relationships and getting along. These ten came from dysfunctional families and were only asking for attention and understanding. I learned to be very flexible and quick to change the scene when they showed signs of aggression or when a trigger went off.

We forget so quickly that people are individuals and have their own stories of circumstance and situations. Let’s try and exercise more empathy over judgement.

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