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Policies belong in politics

The world of politics is the place for policies, amendments to policies and the timely implementation of any and all public legislation for our benefit and growth. These rules and regulations help to keep us on track and provide us a way to measure our progression. This goes for any organization that wants to represent interest groups as well as various levels of government.

Trying to navigate through some of these directions can be confusing and difficult to understand but help is out there.

There is much debate and information-gathering for the individuals who devote their public life to ensuring there are inclusive policies and regulations. Some of these people are very good speakers. I enjoy listening to those who express themselves eloquently and with passion showing us that they care and are interested in our well-being and governance.

The world of sports is an activity that is free from politics; or at least this is the general assumption of the public at large.
I cannot understand for the life of me how some are saying that a name of a franchise is derogatory to an indigenous group. Let me be more specific and mention the Edmonton Eskimos. The city of Edmonton has often been referred to as “the gateway to the North” and as such I think there is a compliment to the Northerners in the title of their sports franchise.

Let politics take it’s course in governance and let sports continue to entertain – free from politics. Let’s not allow ourselves to be like a province that wants to be separated from Canada because of the notion of being a distinct people.
Every nation, tongue and tribe are distinct in their own right and continue to build in these distinctions collectively. That’s what makes Canada a recognized great country around the world.

We are privileged with a diverse population that have the freedom of democracy, freedom of religion and the freedom to practice our culture and traditions including the naming of our sports teams.