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Tea Talk: Record number of students enrolled at Kullik Elementary


Welcome to fall time weather already and Christmas in 4 months and less. Where has the spring and summer gone? It seems time just flew by and now fall is here.

Weather has been cooler and with rain and winds and at times it was perfect to go for few more boat trips to mainland to go hunting and berry picking. Heard there were those darn grizzly bears, such a nuisance, getting at people's camps, tent frames and cabins. They do make quite a mess in search of food. It is almost time to have full-time bear monitors out there to keep residents and campers safe.

As our communities grow more with population, many more cabins and tent frames are being built all over the island and out along the Northwest Passage and at mainland. Our land is so precious and beautiful we need to keep protecting and looking after it well.

With climate change happening it seems more wildlife coming to the arctic and crossing the Arctic Ocean to get to the island. There have been whales seen out at Gravel Pit on the ocean, so exciting. Not many whales come our way to Cambridge Bay area, but you never know nowadays what will show up on our land and waters.

During this pandemic there have been ways to keep safe from the virus and one way was to encourage residents with their families to go out camping to the cabins and tents and tent frames, which makes sense as it is a way of social distancing and not having to stay in town. Inuit already camp all the time, any chance they get, they are out the door and gone camping.

Hi Mom! Here are two students excited to begin a new school year again on Aug. 21. From left, 8-year-old BJ Kohoktak, 7-year-old Ilisapi Dimitruk and Ilisapi's father Corey at Kullik Ilihakvik Elementary School in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Each class/grade each took turns entering at different times due to the pandemic. Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo

So far, there are no positive cases in Nunavut and let us all keep it way by practicing new rules and less crowds at functions such as Northern Games, Omingmak Frolics, Nunavut Day and feasts etc. which has changed our daily lives. Hopefully soon we can get back to our routine days of our lives.

School has now begun in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut and our elementary school has made their record number of students, with more than 240 students registered at Kullik Ilikhakvik Elementary School! Good luck to all our wonderful children in school, have a great year.

Cambridge Bay also has a really awesome preschool program starting and they even have a bus program for their students! Just too cute to see all our beautiful children all excited and happy to go to preschool.

Now that school has started up again all our youth programs and camps and Anaana's Camp are all closed till next summer again and at this time we wish to thank all the hard working staff who kept our children safe and happy and busy during the summer months.

The youth also have great programs under the alcohol and drug programs offered by the Hamlet.
Cambridge Bay is very fortunate to have a successful healing camp out on the land which is just a drive away from the community with road access.

We hope everyone had a great summer and look forward now to fall and winter seasons. No sports activities happening during the pandemic to keep social distancing and trying to keep the virus away so everyone stays healthy. We need to take care of our children as they will be our leaders and role models very soon, if not already.

Staying in school is such a good start in life and keep going. We love each and everyone of you. Stay safe. Keep washing your hands.

God Be With You Son.