Lisa Otokiak turned in the biggest fish at the Ambrose Aknavigak Fishing Derby in Cambridge Bay over the Victoria Day long weekend and earned $7,500 in the process.

Otokiak’s 30.4-pound trout was the heaviest of the entries by five pounds.

In the Elders category, George Angohiatok earned $750 and first place for an 11.7-pound fish.

Among the children, Brooklyn Peterson took home $500 and top spot for her 8-pound catch.

The remainder of the results were as follows:

General category

2nd place – Dale Loveless (25.3 pounds), $3,000

3rd place – Roland Emingak (18.4 pounds), $1,500

4th place – Alexis Vandenbrink (11.5 pounds), $750

5th place – Jean Ann Kaniak (10.7 pounds), $500

6th place – Jessica Otokiak (10.3 pounds), griddle

7th place – Korrine Harvey (9.7 pounds), pots and pans

Elders’ category

2nd place – Kitty Etegik (6.6 pounds), $500

3rd place – William Pavialok (6.2 pounds), $250

Children’s category

2nd place – Jake Otokiak (5.9 pounds), $250

3rd place – Brady Vandenbrink (4.8 pounds), $100

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