Greetings from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Weather has been warming up with icicles falling off roofs, slippery roads and guess who is back? The geese. Soon all our geese hunters will be out and bringing some back for a good pot of soup. With warmer spring weather brings lots of snow-blinding conditions so make sure you have sunglasses for all your family and especially children who love playing outdoors for many hours.

Cambridge Bay’s finest cooks. Here is Marlene Siksik, left, from the Department of Healthy Living and Chef Jordan Pearcey of Qillaq Lodge, Cambridge Bay. Meals are prepared Monday to Friday for Elders and community members during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Navalik Tologanak / NNSL photo

Cambridge Bay will still be celebrating 44th year of the Omingmak Frolics, an annual spring festival with contests, parade and many social-distancing events, there will be no public events or gatherings due to the coronavirus this year, but residents of Cambridge Bay can still celebrate.

This year the annual fishing derby has begun May 12 to 19. There will be prizes given out for the longest fish, the biggest fish and the smallest fish. To register please contact Noah Kudlak or Juna Kaotalok at the Wellness Centre or call them at 983-4670. Good luck to all the fishers, have fun and be safe.

The annual Omingmak Frolics parade will involve social distancing. Encouraging all businesses, community groups, non-profit organizations and individuals to enter a float for the parade. The parade is scheduled for May 16 to start at 2:00 p.m. MDT outside the community hall. See you all there.

Volunteers and staff from various like the hamlet wellness centre, teachers, nurses, health centre staff, restaurants, Northern and Co-op stores continue to provide services for the residents by serving meals, lunches, take-out food is available.

The airlines are busy flying in freight and keeping the stores stocked up with food, quana to the Canadian North manager and cargo workers. To Todd and his crew, quana.

To Kelli at Kiilinik High School, such an awesome job preparing grab and go lunches for the kids and also to community members. Quana to Qillaq Lodge and Wellness staff for cooking meals daily Monday to Friday for Elders and those in need. Much appreciated.

Meals can be picked up from high school at lunch hours and for suppers meals can be picked up from the community hall. It is good services and what our community is doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic that has been happening now for going on two months now.

We hope you are all feeling well and staying healthy and keep washing your hands. Nunavut is the only territory with no positive tests yet so let us hope and pray it will stay like this until it is safe, from all over the world.

The Saturday night bingos are popular with residents and with volunteers like Valter and Wayne and all the prizes that are donated from various organizations, stores, etc. it is so fun, something to do for residents who are not busy travelling and camping out on the land. Quana Valter and Wayne. Keep up the volunteering.

God Be With You Son.

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