I sat in the courtroom for a brief sitting and couldn’t help but remember the quote I heard during my studies in the community social services worker program that went: “What you live with you learn, what you learn you practice, what you practice you do and what you do has consequences”.

Many of the appearances by those summoned to court (young people) are often repeats because the institution does not provide mental health or programming that will give the patrons a better self-awareness and a positive outlook on life in general.

I believe our Healthy Living Department (formally the wellness centre) with the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay recognized this and is in the process of developing an after-care segment that could further assist those who have undergone the 28-day sobriety program or returning from incarceration.

I think the department of Family Services and Mental Health can offer further resources once the program is established. Working together for a common cause will strengthen and empower those on their journey of healing in whatever capacity.

I’ve noticed in the government web-page the possibility of employment and the continued advertising for community social workers across Nunavut. There have been several home-grown students that have graduated, but because of one or two reasons they are not offered a position and we have to orientate people from the south.

It takes time and effort in learning and living the local scene with all the complications and circumstances. A two-and-a-half-day session does not even touch the tip of the ice berg in understanding the people you will be working with.

There is the history, where the people moved in from, the customs and traditions, the political atmosphere, the language and the attributes are many.

I commend all the people who are involved in the Healthy Living Department of the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay in their vision and desire to see our locals have the opportunity in moving forward with this positive initiative.

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