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IN MY VIEW: Help one person at a time

Several times I have come across the term “In the best interest of” and I have wondered why we say this? This seems to refer to the IQ Principles and in particular the second one that states, fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive. Perhaps we should be thinking along this line as we engage in our daily activities?

Our social fiber is such that the little ones are usually at the end of the spectrum of inclusiveness because they are small, they don’t think properly, they don’t understand and they are the cause of our problems. This in fact is the projection of the adults who are always looking for an escape or to place the blame of our shallow thinking on someone else and guess who this is?

The society naturally goes with the flow and if matters are speeding ahead then our actions and reactions need to find its path. If we are caught up with personal issues that have not really been dealt with in any depth, we look for ways to try and show the world that we are strong and in control while everything is falling apart. We are so quick to point the finger and to blame everyone else except ourselves.

If we want to be open, welcoming and inclusive, we need to stop and think before we speak, we need to put our agendas aside and consider those around us, we need to put self aside and act in the best interest of others. If this means you end up at the end of the line-up then so be it, if you find yourself handing over the last loaf of bread on the shelf then give it with a smile. If someone has a large box of groceries outside the store then offer them a ride and so on.

Some of these examples seem simple and really not in the limelight, but has a warming effect with the individuals you are helping. This seems to be the norm today, if it’s not in the limelight I’ll let somebody else engage in the task. Because no officials are around to witness they can look after themselves.

In the best interest of the needy, homeless, hungry and desirous to be included, act accordingly. You help one person at a time and soon this will apply the sense of welcoming, openness and inclusiveness.

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